Friday, May 21, 2010

Lilacs-early color and beauty

Don't you just love the early guys who make the effort to brighten the garden long before the other sleepy heads bother to stretch and yawn?
I spent yesterday doing more weeding and  planting the Dahlias, a job I feel is tedious but I have to reward potential and perseverance. This variety was given to me by my friends Don and Diane and they get these huge burgundy red flowers that are so worth the effort to dig up each Fall.
Oh well, back to the Lilac, she is a sweet little bush planted by some previous tenant and I have done my best to continue to love and nurture her and even though she only produces a few select spires, the perfume is beyond anything you could ever get from a bottle!
While I was out snapping this picture one of my cats (Bruce Wayne) decided it was a good time to chase a butterfly and run across my field of vision so I snapped done of him....what's a garden without a few friends?
Happy plantings!


  1. Funny your should have a cat you refer to with a first and middle name. One of my Yorkies is Charlie Ross.

  2. Love lilacs - I don't have any up here, but my grandfather used to have a hedge of them in Denver, and they smelled sooooo good!


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