Friday, October 22, 2010

Nature Is Grand!

Every single day I find something to look at right around my small humble home that is so beautiful and inspiring it takes my breath away! Last night I just happened to go out on the deck and glanced up at the sky and just stared in wonder. It took me a minute to have the presence of mind to get the camera! I have no words that adequately describe how amazing these clouds looked. This view lasted about 15 minutes and then it was too dark to take further pictures. What a lovely way to end the day!

This reminds me of the Bette Midler song...."From A Distance"
May God watch over and bless us all!
Love Tina xo

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mother Nature's Garden

Sometimes nature gives me more beauty in her simple flower arrangements than I could ever hope to devise with any artifice in my garden.
Walking through a local farmer's field I realized that Mother Nature had once again outdid herself with no help from human hands.....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mystery Mushrooms

A few years ago I saw these for the first time out in the middle of the meadow. What with the meadow being cut a couple of times a year they weren't there for long. Then the kids of the neighborhood destroyed what was left and for 3 years I didn't see them anywhere.
This year there they were again and I just had to grab the camera and rush out to get a few pictures. These things start out as a ball about inch across but they grow quite fast with each rain.
I had never seen any before and have no idea what genus they belong to or what they are called.
My neighbor jokingly said they are "Two Step" mushrooms....take a bite and in two steps you are dead..:(
(He's a character!)
If anyone has an idea what they really are called I would love to know. They sound hollow if you thump them but I have seen them open and the inside is a grey/green powdery, spongy material, spores I would think.
Nature is full of marvelous surprises and for me this is one of them!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Little Darlings

Update on my little friendly skunks....they are happy little campers and seem to like 8:30pm as the perfect dining hour!

I sometimes forget to check before I walk out there just to make sure I don't frighten them....that could be sad..FOR ME! but they seem to be getting quite nonchalant about my presence.
Although as you can see in the bottom picture, I was trying to edge closer for a better picture and I think the raised tail is a warning sign. Well I chose to take it as one in any event and backed up.

They are so cute though and move super slow, noise doesn't seem to bother them, only if they see me moving closer they get edgy. The other night one walked over my foot trying to make his escape.

They are tentatively called TweedleDee and TweedleDum. If I am not mistaken these guys hibernate in the winter so they will probably be gone soon to a burrow. In the meantime I get a few good laughs at their antics and so far no "unhappy" memories!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mystery Solved!

Finally I have a picture of the culprits who have been eating the cat food! Yes my friends these are the two little thieves who have been feasting on Science Diet every night and I suspect are living under my house! They didn't seem overly surprised when I came out and took their picture, they never missed a beat. When they were finished they sauntered past me and down the stairs in a very offhand and snobbish way as if to say  "the service at this restaurant leaves something to be desired Madam!" Oh well I am sure I wasn't going to be in the next edition of Zagat's anyway!                         

Friday, August 13, 2010

Butterfly Drama in the Garden

Oh what a day! Have you ever tried to nurse a butterfly, repair a tiny wing?
My cat named Bliss jumped on this little guy and cracked her wing and I spent the better part of today trying to apply tiny bits of coffee filter dipped in white glue to the injury. She seems alright but she won't try to fly yet so I have no idea if it will work or needs more re-enforcing. Of course the problem is to keep it as light as possible so her balance is not thrown off. I think now I have to put her in God's hands and say a few prayers.   

 Poor thing looks like a badly made quilt!
I guess though all we can do is try our best, one thing for sure is without help she was not going to fly again in any event so I am hopeful that she will give it a try soon!                                                

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Foggy Morning

Every once in awhile in the midst of the chaos in my life I have these perfectly wonderful moments that God throws in my face to calm me down...:)

 This was one of those mornings, fog everywhere so thick you could cut it with the proverbial knife....bonus!....everything was covered in heavy dew and that caused all the thousands of spider webs to stand out in intense relief. 

Has there ever been a more beautiful lace created than the beautiful delicate work these small creatures produce!
The whole pine tree is covered like a fragile blanket was dropped over the top of it!            

They are always there....just hidden by the glare of the bright morning sun...the dry inability to slow down and observe the glory.

Today I slowed down and even went for the camera. I wanted to remember that while I may sit here complaining about how long it takes me to paint a picture or sew a seam...out there are these amazing little creatures spinning, twining, weaving and without a single complaint they work day and night and expect no reward or compliment, maybe just something for  supper.