Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mother Nature's Garden

Sometimes nature gives me more beauty in her simple flower arrangements than I could ever hope to devise with any artifice in my garden.
Walking through a local farmer's field I realized that Mother Nature had once again outdid herself with no help from human hands.....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mystery Mushrooms

A few years ago I saw these for the first time out in the middle of the meadow. What with the meadow being cut a couple of times a year they weren't there for long. Then the kids of the neighborhood destroyed what was left and for 3 years I didn't see them anywhere.
This year there they were again and I just had to grab the camera and rush out to get a few pictures. These things start out as a ball about inch across but they grow quite fast with each rain.
I had never seen any before and have no idea what genus they belong to or what they are called.
My neighbor jokingly said they are "Two Step" mushrooms....take a bite and in two steps you are dead..:(
(He's a character!)
If anyone has an idea what they really are called I would love to know. They sound hollow if you thump them but I have seen them open and the inside is a grey/green powdery, spongy material, spores I would think.
Nature is full of marvelous surprises and for me this is one of them!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Little Darlings

Update on my little friendly skunks....they are happy little campers and seem to like 8:30pm as the perfect dining hour!

I sometimes forget to check before I walk out there just to make sure I don't frighten them....that could be sad..FOR ME! but they seem to be getting quite nonchalant about my presence.
Although as you can see in the bottom picture, I was trying to edge closer for a better picture and I think the raised tail is a warning sign. Well I chose to take it as one in any event and backed up.

They are so cute though and move super slow, noise doesn't seem to bother them, only if they see me moving closer they get edgy. The other night one walked over my foot trying to make his escape.

They are tentatively called TweedleDee and TweedleDum. If I am not mistaken these guys hibernate in the winter so they will probably be gone soon to a burrow. In the meantime I get a few good laughs at their antics and so far no "unhappy" memories!