Monday, September 27, 2010

Mystery Mushrooms

A few years ago I saw these for the first time out in the middle of the meadow. What with the meadow being cut a couple of times a year they weren't there for long. Then the kids of the neighborhood destroyed what was left and for 3 years I didn't see them anywhere.
This year there they were again and I just had to grab the camera and rush out to get a few pictures. These things start out as a ball about inch across but they grow quite fast with each rain.
I had never seen any before and have no idea what genus they belong to or what they are called.
My neighbor jokingly said they are "Two Step" mushrooms....take a bite and in two steps you are dead..:(
(He's a character!)
If anyone has an idea what they really are called I would love to know. They sound hollow if you thump them but I have seen them open and the inside is a grey/green powdery, spongy material, spores I would think.
Nature is full of marvelous surprises and for me this is one of them!


  1. I don't know anything about this type of thing. They sure are huge! Something that large would probably freak me out, because of Jill - she eats so much stuff from the yard.

  2. Hey Tina!! If they aren't 'pods' from outer-space my thought is that they are probably 'giant puff-balls." Here's a link that will tell you about them. I've never seen them, but have read about them and how big they can get.

  3. Thanks Kim for finding the answer and that does seem to be what they are. Although it says they can be eaten when young I think I will pass for now. I just find it fascinating how after each rain they seem larger still from absorbing the water. So interesting!
    Tina xo

  4. Those are the biggest mushrooms I have ever seen!!!
    Are you sure they're not dinosaur eggs????
    ~ Julie

  5. Holy cow, those are fascinating, and huge! I have heard of Giant Puffballs but have never seen any before now. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. We also call them "puffballs". After they have "died", you can go and STEP ON THEM. they will simply dissipate into dust in a PUFF! Any way, I have been told they are simply delicious when properly cooked, although I haven't had the courage to do so.

  7. Hi Tina,
    I came to your blog from Kim's. Great photo's of Puffball Mushroom 'calvatia gigantea'. They really are quite interesting. They can be eaten but really don't have much flavor rather they take on the flavor of what they are cooked with. Try them but only whilst they are in their early white stage as when they are brown they are not edible, only waiting for someone or something to step on them and distribute their spores.

  8. These are absolutely amazing... I have seen tiny puff balls but these are big as a head.. Unbelievable!


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