Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finally a Glimmer of Hope

Although I love Winter and the hush that falls over the world during that season I have to admit I was more than ready for Spring to show her lovely face.
First we had to live through weeks of bone chilling rain and flooding that damaged so many homes and lives. Then a few glorious days of sun but sadly the forecast is for another week of rain coming up starting today.
Still when I walked outdoors this morning there was cause to smile!
  For the first time since moving here 7 years ago the little pine tree has the beginnings of cones. What a treat for the eyes!
 The sweet little lilac bush is budding and has a few babies around the bottom of her trunk and this year I am planning on transplanting some of them to new locations.
The precious Bamboo cutting and all the Peonies have returned and wait patiently for me to come weed around them.
As do my beloved Iris and Daylilies!

I guess what I love the most about the Daylilies, Iris and Poppies is the fact that they escape their bounds and spread where they will so that each year there are more of them to enjoy.
So for me, a gardener located in upstate New York the New Year has officially begun!
I am so looking forward this year to sharing my humble garden, my art and little glimpses into my family history through my blogs! And as always I will be watching and reading all of your blogs and feeling inspired by all of your accomplishments too!
Happy May!

Tina xo