Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yellow Yellow Everywhere

Finally I have something opening up. The ever lovely Stella D'Oro. I love the rich, buttery yellow of the flowers. In contrast the Yarrow has a more delicate yellow hue not quite as brilliant as the Stella D'Oro, but still cheerful, especially since the sky right now is grey with the promise of the thunderstorm
we are expecting tonight!
Let's hope Sunday will be a prettier day. Have a good evening everyone!


  1. Like Pansies, I enjoy Stella D'Oro's but only have Yarrow planted at the moment. However, I'm anxiously awaiting my daisies to show their happy little yellow faces which will be any day now, I can't wait!! :-)

  2. Hi Kim
    For some reason my daisies didn't come up this year and I haven't found my cosmos either. I think the weeds just got too out of control or something but then also the weather here has been strange so that could have something to do with it. I still have seeds from last year's batch but maybe it's a little late to start those? Questions that have boggled great minds for centuries...:)
    Tina xo


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