Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Foggy Morning

Every once in awhile in the midst of the chaos in my life I have these perfectly wonderful moments that God throws in my face to calm me down...:)

 This was one of those mornings, fog everywhere so thick you could cut it with the proverbial knife....bonus!....everything was covered in heavy dew and that caused all the thousands of spider webs to stand out in intense relief. 

Has there ever been a more beautiful lace created than the beautiful delicate work these small creatures produce!
The whole pine tree is covered like a fragile blanket was dropped over the top of it!            

They are always there....just hidden by the glare of the bright morning sun...the dry air.....my inability to slow down and observe the glory.

Today I slowed down and even went for the camera. I wanted to remember that while I may sit here complaining about how long it takes me to paint a picture or sew a seam...out there are these amazing little creatures spinning, twining, weaving and without a single complaint they work day and night and expect no reward or compliment, maybe just something for  supper.               


  1. As much as few people actually like spiders, they truly are amazing creatures to spin such architecture that looks so delicate but yet is so strong. Thanks for slowing down and sharing with us Tina.

  2. What a lovely reminder and pictures too. I always love when the fog shows us these beautiful webs and I'm always so taken by their intricacy and how truly unique they are!

  3. Hi Tina,

    What a lovely post and a beautiful reminder to slow down and enjoy God's simple creations.
    Thank you for your lovley comments on my blog. To answer you question about lighting - I have floursent lights in my garage studio and can also open the doors which let in a lot of light. I also have a large window on the opposite wall in my garage that lets in natural light. How fun that you are going to convert a room into a studio. I know several artists who paint in their kitchens and I have been known to paint in mine also. My walls are painted white since I use so much color in my art - sometmes I think about painting them a sunny yellow.

    Have fun creating you space.


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