Saturday, July 10, 2010

Simple Garden Vignettes

I just had to go out into the garden this morning and snap a some pictures, although not all the buds are fully open it was the first morning that wasn't sweltering here and to tell the truth there were a few moments when I wondered if we would get rain in time to save some of my plants! Praise the Lord that it rained yesterday and today again we are expecting thunderstorms.
Also I was impressed with the way some of the wild flowers at the periphery of the garden seem to compliment the plants I placed.
The Sunflowers are just starting to come into their own and there are so many varieties, each with it's own color variations and sizes. Later in the summer I get some that have blooms that are almost totally burgundy.
The two little yellow/orange guys are from plants that were here when I arrived and they seed themselves each year and spread to wherever they want to. I was told they may be  flowers called a "strawflower" and to tell the truth those little flowers never wilt, bugs don't bother them, it's strange!

I took a few pictures of the Queen Anne Lace just because they are so beautiful and require zero help from me just like the lovely french blue Chicory. Next to each other they form a color combination that I just love.
And lastly my sweet little Dahlia, the first one to attempt to open this year and already the edges of her petals are looking raggedy.

Funny that the little plain yellow Sunflower (which for some reason only gets about 24" high) is the favorite of all the bees.
Nature is amazing! Have a wonderful gardening weekend!


  1. Your garden is so lovely. So nice to meet you.

  2. Hi Karen and it is wonderful to meet you also!
    I love old books too and have a few, not many and most of those handed down through family, but I treasure them still.
    Your Etsy store and blog are lovely and I will visit both often.

  3. What gorgeous flowers. And I too love the Queen Anne's lace. It's like adding a trim to a bouquet of flowers.

  4. Wonderful pictures from your garden. I love your sunflowers; they are so pretty and cheerful.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment.

  5. Beautiful pictures. I envy the rolling fields in the background - such a peaceful landscape. I didn't know that those blue flowers are chicory. I agree with you about the combination of it and the Queen Anne's lace. Sometimes Mother Nature just knows best!

  6. Hi Tina,
    Thanks for visiting my blog today :) :) Oh, I love these photos. I don't have a garden of my own...but I have been known to go up to neighbor's yards and snap photos of their beautiful flowers :) :) :) They don't mind...and there are so many beauties out there right now just begging to photographed :) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

  7. Thank you for your visit to me my friend and the comment you left about my little baby shoes! :)

    My yard is mess as I openly share. I'm too embarrassed to show pictures. I'm afraid you might all FAINT! Yours are sooo beautiful!

    Love to you this summer day~


  8. Lol Rebecca, it's all in the photography...I do not show the "ratty" bits..:)
    I have been here in this little rental for 6 years and each year I try to add a little something more. I can't do all I would like to because first I don't have the funds and second it is going to break my heart to walk away someday and have to leave most of it behind. One of the sad things all gardeners must face.
    If I was closer I would be there to help you with yours in a heartbeat..
    Tina xo

  9. Beautiful garden. How I wish I could have one like yours. I am praying just to save a little of my plants with the heat index in the 100's every day.
    Loved seeing all your flowers

  10. :) Yes, nature is amazing! Lovely photos - I will have to look into whether or not Queen Anne's Lace could grow here - I love it!
    Wishing you a beauty-filled weekend,


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